Mathematical Topics in Kinetic Theory

May 9 - 13, 2016
Cambridge, United Kingdom

Practical Information

  • How to Reach the Centre for Mathematical Sciences (CMS)

Detailed instructions on how to reach the CMS can be found here. 


  • Accommodation Information

Accommodations during the month of May in Cambridge can be sparse, so we would recommend you book a place shortly after confirming your attendance. Unfortunately, most accommodations are not in the near vicinity of the CMS.

Here is a list of a few possible places:

  1. Arundel’s Hotel (
  2. Travelodge ( - either Cambridge Central or Newmarket Road.
  3. Holiday Inn Cambridge (
  4. A&B Guesthouse (
  5. Finches Bed and Breakfast (
  6. Duke House (
  7. The End House (
  8. Warkworth House (

Note that some places are more expensive than others. If we are supposed to support you, we can’t guarantee that we will be able to offer full coverage for the cost of the accommodation if it is too expensive.


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